Meghan Boody is known in the art world for her fantastical photographs of girls and young women in unusual situations. Boody’s pictures tell stories that unfold in mythical realms, where archetypal symbols and lore illuminate the path of her heroines’ journeys.

After apprenticing with photographer Hans Namuth, the chronicler of Jackson Pollack and other noted artists of his day, Boody quickly developed her own voice. Integrating Photoshop and digital compositing into her work in the early 90’s, Boody is considered a pioneer of this new technology. Her large scale photographic tableaux are comprised of hundreds of interwoven layers, each image a window into another world.

Boody’s work is in important collections including The Whitney Museum of American Art, The Herbert F Johnson Museum at Cornell University and The Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in Tasmania. Her work has appeared in Italian Vogue, Marie Claire Greece and New York Magazine.