TUUKKA KOSKI for Arnolds.Fi


‘Tho Worlds. One Infinite Smoothness’ MARTELL worldwide campaign shot by ROBERO BADIN | -Be Curious-


Le Bon Marché ‘Holiday’ by ROBERTO BADIN


TUUKKA KOSKI directing for FINLANDIA Ravintola Restaurant / Design by Alvar Aalto


TUUKKA KOSKI’s metaphorical ads for SUOMEN JÄÄTELÖ


TUUKKA KOSKI shoots food!


TUUKKA KOSKI captures the readers’ attention for MEN’S HEALTH in ‘How to Love Healthy Foods You Hate’


TUUKKA KOSKI & ROBERTO BADIN art medium exposed in an eccentric ‘VISUAL FEAST’ book


‘Citrus fruits – the Big seducer’ at 2017 August VOGUE Germany shot by RALPH MECKE


TUUKKA KOSKI specials/ food photographs taken for LEVAIN Bakery in Helsinki


Enjoying the season of the peach with few ‘fresh’ shots by BEN ALSOP


PIPER – HEIDSIECK Champaign house, campaign shot by ROBERTO BADIN


PAULIG about mothers, midwifes and coffee lovers, directed by TUUKKA KOSKI


? Portraits of Winemakers in France | by ROMAIN STAROS




TUUKKA KOSKI ‘One night in Bangkok’


TUUKKA KOSKI for FREEMANS: Food and Drink, Interiors, Grooming, Style – Art Book!


TUUKKA KOSKI ‘Must Try’ for SUOMEN JÄÄTELÖ ingredients campaign


‘Inner Values’ for VOGUE March’17 shot by RALPH MECKE


TUUKKA KOSKI shoots beautiful product stills for IITTALA


‘Suomen Jaatelo Maito’ (Finnish milk ice cream) still-art images created by TUUKKA KOSKI


‘Culinary Magic’ appetizing stills at Contra NYC by TUUKKA KOSKI for BRUTAL Magazine


TUUKKA KOSKI shoots advertising for the delicious VALIO