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Established in 2002, Thomas/Treuhaft was founded by Andrew Thomas and Carole Treuhaft. Their original mission was to cultivate and nurture the careers of photographers who possess extraordinary vision, deep creativity and commercial viability. These elements, at the heart of Thomas/Treuhaft, have allowed the agency to flourish into what it is today. Representing a diverse roster of internationally recognized talent, Thomas/Treuhaft values artistry and collaboration most. Photographers, each with a distinctive style and point of view, work with clients to develop concepts and narratives, creating unique and memorable images that express their vision. Supporting photographers’ work both personal and commercial, the agency continues to expand as the medium of photography evolves into new areas of digital technology and motion.

We can be reached at:

307 7th Avenue Suite 1607
New York, NY 10001
+ 1 212. 966. 3545